Thank You, Bona's

TAB Day Thanks Low

We asked and you answered. For the third year in a row, you've helped St. Bonaventure reach new heights in giving for #BonaGivingDay. This year, you helped the University and its students raise over $387,000 from 947 gifts. Each and every student of St. Bonaventure benefits from your generosity. From scholarships and financial aid to academic support and resources, your donations go to work immediately supporting all aspects of the Bonaventure experience. 

On top of all that, your gifts helped meet all community-wide, major giving challenges throughout the day, including: 

  • $25,000 for 300 gifts by noon from an anonymous alum
  • $10,000 for 100 gifts in 60 minutes from Colette Dow, '88
  • $10,000 for another 100 gifts in 60 minutes from Michael Hill, '96
  • $2,000 for 20 gifts in 20 minutes from Jay Jilot, '92
  • $25,000 for 300 gifts by midnight from Laurie Branch, '04

Thanks for "Rising to the Challenge" once again this year and supporting St. Bonaventure!


11:55 pm - Broken records all over Bona's this week...


10:30 pm - 856 down 65 to go

It's getting late but the gifts keep coming in. We are currently at 856 donations for the day. Your support thus far has helped us already make this the most successful day in the history of The Bonaventure Fund. 

But we still have some work to do. With 90 minutes left on the clock, we are only 65 gifts short of our 921 donation goal necessary to reach Laurie Branch's $25,000 challenge. 

If you haven't yet, please take a couple of minutes to make a gift. You could be the one who gets us across the finish line. 


9:00 pm - Crunch time - 111 to go!

This is it. Entering the home stretch for this 3rd #BonaGivingDay and all that we need to achieve our final challenge is 111 more gifts. Other schools may be willing to call it a day at this point. Not here. Saying "good enough" isn't in our DNA. Not when we're this close to reaching the single largest day of giving in the history of the University. 

So make your gift now. Get to Facebook. Send some texts. Do whatever it is you have to do to help us achieve this final challenge for our alma mater and the students who call it home. 


6:45 pm - We're getting closer

With a little over 5 hours to go in #BonaGivingDay we're only about 200 gifts away from reaching our last major challenge goal. 

Make your gift now and tell your friends and classmates to help us fulfill the challenge put forth by Trustee Laurie Branch, '04.

Every gift puts us closer to reaching this challenge goal and earning an additional $25,000 for St. Bonaventure and our students. 

Help support students like Layne Dowdall, a sophomore journalism and mass communication major from Ellicottville, NY. You can hear more about Layne's story here. 



5:30 pm - I'll keep this short

You probably saw the email forwarded to you from Bob Van Wicklin, Vice President of Advancement at St. Bonaventure. University Trustee Laurie Branch, '04 has come forward with one more big challenge for the day. This one is just like our first: $25,000 for 300 additional gifts by midnight. 

Not only will this challenge earn our students an additional $25,000, it would help us crush our one-day total gift record by nearly 100 donations.

As of 5:00 pm we were at 621 gifts. You should be the one who gets us to 921.


4:45 pm - You did it again

Tough to believe but you helped us meet the second challenge for 100 gifts in an hour. I know Michael will be thrilled with the news that you met his challenge. Especially so shortly after completing the Dow challenge. 

We have just over 7 hours to go and continue to be on our way to another record-setting day. 

Thanks so much for all of your support. 


3:20 - One more time?

After hearing of Colette Dow's challenge, fellow Trustee Michael Hill, '96 emailed to offer an identical challenge. Can Bona Nation come together for another record-breaking hour? 

If you're yet to make a gift today or would like to make an additional gift now is a perfect time. 


2:00 pm - You did it!

What a great day this has been. Proud to say that you once again stepped up and helped us meet our second challenge for the day, earning another $10,000 for the Bonaventure Fund in the process. 

Thanks so much for being a part of this special day. 

1:40 pm - Almost there! - New Challenge Issued

We're only 11 gifts short of making our challenge goal of 100 gifts. Can't believe the amazing response we're seeing so far today. Forever proud to be a Bonnie!

Let's make it happen. 

1:00 pm - New Challenge Issued

Great news! We've just received another #BonaGivingDay challenge. 

Colette Dow, '88 has just pledged a $10,000 gift if we can get 100 gifts for #BonaGivingDay in the next 60 minutes. 

At the beginning of this hour, we had 429 gifts. Will you help us get to 529?

12:30 pm - Keep it up, Bonnies

You've done it again. You knocked out our first challenge of the day and left time on the clock. That's an additional $25,000 in support of Bona students. Way to go!

But it's not over yet. We still have a little over 11 hours to go in our 3rd #BonaGivingDay. So far we've received 410 gifts and raised $120,000. 

If you haven't yet, please take a couple of minutes to make a gift and help us maintain this momentum. 


11:45 am - Hello alums

Wow- Giving Day is going great!   As we approach the halfway mark, I want to encourage everyone coming back for Homecoming and 80’s weekend to join me and make a gift to reach both our participation numbers and dollar amounts.


Joe Flanagan’74

Director of Alumni Services



11 am - What a start!

With just over one hour to go to meet our first #BonaGivingDay challenge of 300 gifts, you’ve already helped us reach 275. Only 25 more to go — let’s Rise to the Challenge! 


And We're Off!

Welcome back, Bonnies! Thanks for joining us for our third annual #BonaGivingDay. You helped us break records for the last two years and we're sure you'll be there to help us do it again.

The day has just begun and we've already received our first giving challenge. 

An anonymous alum has pledged a donation of $25,000 if we can reach 300 gifts by noon today. 

Help us get off to a strong start and meet our first challenge by making your gift right now!


St. Bonaventure University’s third annual #BonaGivingDay happening Thursday, February 8, is a 24-hour University-wide effort to inspire alumni, family, friends, faculty and staff to come together, show their Bona Pride, and provide critical funding to support all St. Bonaventure students. With your help, anything is possible.

Any gift can make a difference. Help us reach our goal of 850 gifts.

Can’t wait until #BonaGivingDay? Give now!

Would you like to offer a participation or matching gift challenge? 

Challenge gifts are a great way to inspire others to make donations on #BonaGivingDay. If you are planning on making a gift to the University of $2,000 or more, let us know and we can work together to leverage that as a challenge for participation or as a matching gift. This is a great way to maximize the impact of your gift.

To issue a challenge or to find out more, please contact Alan Riddle, Annual Giving Development Officer, either by email at or phone at (716) 375-2068.