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Bona students reach out to others in need through the Franciscan Center for Social ConcernTheir service changes lives, including their own. 


Silver Wolves connects people across generations

Pictured_Caitlin Miller

Established in 2015 as a way to connect Bona students with the local elderly population, Silver Wolves has become a beloved outreach program. 

Each week, students visit with residents at Eden Heights and Field of Dreams. They play cards and board games, create crafts, and spend time listening to each other as stories are shared and memories are revisited. 

Alongside all of the activities, the students create bonds with the residents and have amazing conversations.

Silver Wolves is a bright spot in the lives of both the students and the residents.

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Warming House offers hope & hot meals

Pictured_Ryan Bauer and Alice Miller Nation
Student volunteers at the Warming House help provide nourishment, company, and support to vulnerable citizens in the Olean area.

In addition to food-service training, the students learn about generational poverty and how to work with vulnerable populations. They also learn how to be adaptable.

In July of this year, exactly 16 months after transitioning the usual sit-down meals into a takeout service due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the students quickly transitioned again, reopening the dining room to guests. 

Just last month, 890 meals were served (that’s 290 more meals than the number served in September!). The Warming House and its student volunteers make are a much-needed ray of hope for many families. 

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SBU@SPCA brings comfort to our four-legged friends

Pictured_Neeya Shetty

Cuddling a kitten, walking a dog, or feeling the deep purr of a cat happy for your company. These are experiences Bona students e
njoy through volunteer work at the Cattaraugus County SPCA.

The animal shelter is dedicated to saving the lives of animals, as well as providing adoption services for homeless and neglected animals.

Until homes are found for the animals, Bona students are there to help. Visiting several times a week, the student volunteers 
walk the dogs and play with the cats, offering companionship and exercise. They also help clean enclosures and sleeping areas for the animals, helping to ensure a comfortable environment.

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Professor lends a helping hand

Pictured_Tara Walker
While students make terrific volunteers, it is also great to see professors getting involved and trying their hand at volunteering. 

Dr. Tara G. Walker, assistant professor of communication and the internship coordinator in the Jandoli School, started volunteering at the Warming House last January. She volunteered every Friday last semester and over the summer continued to come in once a week to help with the meal and another time to bake. Her baked goods are always appreciated at the Warming House. 

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