2023 Giving Tuesday

Club Sports

Club sports allow our students to keep their competitive juices flowing, playing as a representative of St. Bonaventure University against club sports teams from other colleges and universities.

But it's more than that. As club sports participants, our students grow as people, learn the value of teamwork and fair play, and have the opportunity to mature as leaders through four years of practice and competition with new friends and teammates devoted to their favorite sport.

Whether hitting a ball with a bat, spiking it over the net, rolling it down the lane, hitting it in the hole, or shooting it through a hoop — even competing online in esports — our club sports athletes are having fun in college they might never have imagined and fostering meaningful relationships to last a lifetime.

What’s better than having an opportunity to compete again in front of their hometown friends and neighbors — this time as a Bonnie.

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